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Latar Belakang Training BOSIET

Training BOSIET+TSbB (Basic Offshore Safety Inductions and Travel Savely by Boat, OPITO Approved/5707. This is an OPITO approved course, designed and conducted according to OPITO standards for cold and warm water locations. The course includes Offshore Safety Induction, Sea Survival, Helicopter Safety and Underwater Escape Training, Fire Fighting & Self Rescue and Basic First Aid. Includes Emergency Breathing System (EBS) and Emersion Suits.

This course will be combined with Travel Safely by Boat, that designed and conducted to the OPITO standard. This course is for people working in regions where personnel may be required to travel by boat and transfer from Vessel or Vessel to platform.

Course Syllabus Training BOSIET

BOSIET+TSbB: (Basic Offshore Safety Inductions and Travel Safely by Boat, OPITO Approved/5707

  1. Boat Travel and Emergencies
  2. Emergency First Aid
  3. Fire Fighting and Self Rescue
  4. Helicopter Safety and HUET (including EBS and Immersion Suite)
  5. Safety Induction
  6. Sea Survival
  7. TEMPSC Familiarisation


Course Facilities Training BOSIET

Duration: 3 (three) days training

Course schedule:  November, 23th – 25th 2015

Course Validity: 4 years

Course Venue: Training Centre, Green Town Warehouse No.3-4 Bengkong Batam, Indonesia

Accomodations: Sky in hotel, Romance Hotel and Nagoya Hotel including breakfast, dinner & laundry 2pc, excluding tax 10 persen

Transportation: Citilink Airlines, Minibus from Batam Airport to Hotel and Training Center Location


The success of an organization or company in this training is determined by the commitment of the participants to be able to interact during the training takes place in accordance with the system development process in your company, then the training process to ensure the effectiveness of our approach and strategy, the implementation of simulation training in the workplace effectively


Personnel that must to work in offshore



  1. This training will be done when the signing of cooperation documents, in this case the signing of the contract agreement.
  2. Related to job security, we will make every effort to complete the work program and within the agreed time and cost. If in special circumstances we unable to provide services / obligations, thus causing the need for additional time and effort, then any additional costs would be borne by our own and will not increase the cost of the company. If this has happened because it is caused by the company does not provide sufficient determination and resources we will notify you in advance in writing.
  3. Things that are not mentioned above will be discussed by deliberation and consensus with the company or through arrangements in the employment contract.



Investment for In House Training BOSIET+TSbB (Basic Offshore Safety Inductions and Travel Safely by Boat, OPITO Approved/5707

Description Price for 10 persons Price per person Certification Body
1 3 days training US Dollar 13.500,- US Dollar 1.350,- OPITO


Requirements and Conditions:

  • The fees includes the cost of transport and accomodation for the Greater Jakarta and Batam área for trainer, participants, and Admin from OMC.
  • The above cost does not include PPN 10%.
  • The fee includes a copy of training materials max 10 participant
  • The fee above includes the cost of the certificate issued by Oil and Gas Management Center and OPITO.
  • This offer is valid for 3 (three) months.
  • The fee above includes  : Lunch, Coffee Break

Course Materials

Trainer Cost, Facility Use, PPE

Certification and Certificate

  • Payments made by paying the DP by 50% before the training is done, and the remainder no later than three (3) working days after the training ended.
  • Payment can be made by transfer to :


Accenture Indonesia, PT

Adi Karya, PT

Aetra Air Jakarta, PT

AKR Corporindo, PT

Andesmont Sakti, PT

Angkasa Pura II Persero, PT

Aplikanusa lintasarta, PT

Arkananta, PT

Armada Hada Graha, PT

Arsimekon Tatagraha, PT

Asiaplast Industry, PT

Astra Honda Motor, PT

Atelier Enam Project Management, PT

Baker Hughes, PT

BAM Decorient, PT

Bangun Sarana Baja, PT

Bayu Buana Gemilang, PT

Berca Scindler Lifts, PT

Bluescope Lysaght Indonesia, PT

Bridgestone Tire Indonesia, PT

Bukit Makmur Mandiri Utama, PT

Bukit Muria Jaya, PT

Bumitangerang Mesindotama, PT

Cahaya Anugrah Digdaya, PT

Cahaya Permata Ajriya, PT

CBC Indonesia, P

Chae Julang Perkasa, PT

Chevron Pacific Indonesia, PT

Cipta Eka Puri, PT

Cipta Kridatama, PT

Cipta Total Solusindo, PT

Citra Gading Asritama, PT

Clariant Indonesia, PT

Content creative Indonesia, PT

Derazona Air Service, PT

Devnusa Roga Planindo, PT

Devoo Makmur, PT

Dharma Sakti Mandiri, PT

Digital Media Technology, PT

Dimensi Barumas Perdana, PT

DNX Indonesia, PT

Eflag Solution Indonesia, PT

Elnusa Petrofin, PT

Energizer, PT

Energi Tanjung Tiga, PT

Energy Management Indonesia, PT

Fajar Mas Murni, PT

Fajar Surya swadaya, PT

Fortuna Stars, PT

Gading Utama Sukses Mandiri, PT

Garis Khatulistiwa, PT

Global Dimensi, PT

Graha Adhi Jaya Abadi, PT

Halliburton, PT

Hanindo Perkasa, PT

Haraki, PT

Hilman, PT

Hitachi Contruction Machninery Indonesia, PT

Honda Prospek Motor, PT15 P-00


Indocement Tunggal Prakarsa, PT

Indofarma Global Medika, PT

Indonesia Comnets Plus, PT

Indosafe Pratama, PT

Institut Sains AKPRIND Jogjakarta

Inti Karya Persada Tehnik, PT

Ipedex Indonesia, PT

Iron Birds, PT

Jaga Nusantara, PT

Jaya Konstruksi, PT

Jaya Wibawa Guna, PT

Jeriko Sakti, PT

JGC Indonesia, PT

Juan Perkasa, CV

Kajima Indonesia, PT

Kali Randoe Jaya Abadi, PT

Kimberly Clarks, PT

Korindo Heavy Industries, PT

Labroy Shipping Pte Ltd, PT

Laju Karunia Jaya, PT

Leighton Contractors Indonesia, PT

LG Electronics Indonesia, PT

Lippo General Insurance Tbk, PT

Madaco Wijaya, PT

Mandiri Langgeng abadi, PT

Matra Perkasa utama, PT

Matra Unikatama, PT

Medco E P Lemantang, PT

Medco LPG Kaji

Mega Eltra, PT

Menara Agung Pusaka, PT

Mitra Prana Abadi, PT

Modern Nickel, PT

Multi Structure, PT

Multi System Komunikasi, PT

Nastiti Karya Lestari, PT

Nestle Indonesia, PT

Nof Mas Chemical Industry, PT

Nokia Siemens Networks, PT

Nuren Saminjaya, PT

Nusa Borneo Sejati, PT

Nusantara Berau Coal, PT


Panarub Trikarya, PT

Panasonic Industrial Devices Indonesia, PT

Panca Komunindo Perkasa, PT

Panca Konsultindo Perkasa, PT

Pancuran Karya Mukti, PT

Panesia Mandiri Utama, PT

Panorama Transportasi, PT

Pantomasa Cemerlang, PT

Parkland World Indonesia, PT

Pasific Oil and Gas, PT

Patra Sk, PT

Patra Trading, PT

Permata Bank

Persada Sukses Makmur, PT

Pertamina, PT

Pertamina EP, PT

Pertamina Geothermal, PT

Pertamina Hulu Energy ONWJ, PT

Pertamina MOR VIII, PT

Pertamina MOR VII, PT

Pertamina Persero, PT

Pertamina Trans Continental, PT

PLN Persero, PT

Politeknik Negeri Bali

Prime Safety Indonesia, PT

Proenergi, PT


Putra Mawar kirani, PT

Rajawali Kembar, PT

Ramanda Citra Persada, PT

Rekagunatek Persada, PT

Reksa Utama, CV

Rentokil, PT

Restu Agung Narogong, PT

Rig Tenders Indonesia Tbk, PT

Roadmixindo Raya, PT

Roda Drilling Nusantara, PT

Sarana Prestasi Gemilang, PT

Satyamitra Surya Perkasa, PT

Siemens Indonesia, PT

Sinar Mutiara Indah, PT

Slipform Indonesia, PT

Sodexo Indonesia, PT

South Pacific Viscose, PT

Spanset Indonesia, PT

Sumber Air Pagarbatu, PT

Sumberdaya Sewatama, PT

Surveyor Indonesia, PT

Taikhisa Engineering, PT

Tambarang Elastika Mas, PT

Tarida Sejahtera, PT

Tenaga Inti Makmur Beusare, PT

Teras Teknik Perdana, PT

Timah, PT

Tobas Tegarindo, PT

Total EP Indonesia

Total Mandala Prima, PT

Tribahagia Cipta Mandiri, PT

Trigana Air, PT


Udania Raya Cipta, PT

Umbak Garang Permai, PT

United Tractors Pandu Engineering, PT

Visipratama Ernesia, PT

Vivere Multi Kreasi, PT

Wana Hijau Pesaguan, PT

Wastec International, PT

Wiguna Nusa Lestari, PT

Wijaya Karya, PT

Wimpie Setiono, PT

Wirana Jayatama Abadi, PT

Wisma Sarana Teknik, PT

Yohana Talita, PT

Zug Industry, PT




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